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4 min read MEDIA
SMART solution as an alternative to unreliable russian software
The lion’s share of Ukrainian companies continues to use unreliable russian systems to automate business processes. In the second year of the war, some popular CRM systems, accounting systems, email marketing services, antiviruses still serve a significant number of Ukrainian enterprises. In early May, the business was stirred up by the news about the final cessation of Bitrix24 in our country. On June 1, 2023, the russian service finally ceased its work in Ukraine, and ...
3 min read
SMART Connector for Infobip: regular release of the SMART CRM platform
Successfully built communication allows companies to maintain existing and attract new customers. We continue to expand the functionality of the SMART CRM platform and connect current services and channels for effective interaction with customers throughout the entire life cycle. Today we are talking about updates in the line of SMART CRM connectors, a comprehensive platform for sales in the B2B, B2C segments and after-sales service. We are pleased to announce the next release of the ...
5 min read
Oleksii Vyhodskyi
Head of Informational Systems and Technologies, DTEK
We help to bring the light by optimizing important processes. Implementation of SMART Sales for DTEK
DTEK needs no introduction, because all of Ukraine feels the result of the titanic work of its specialists every day. Some of them are brave enough to repair energy facilities in the hottest spots, while others work hard to make this process as fast and efficient as possible. One of the results of such work is the DOPOMOHA (Eng. ‘HELP’) project. Its goal is to find and convince foreign colleagues to become donors to the ...
4 min read
Найважливіші оновлення в Microsoft Power Platform: огляд планів на квітень – вересень 2023
The most important updates to Microsoft Power Platform products: an overview of plans for April – September 2023
Microsoft Power Platform is set to receive a significant upgrade with the 2023 release wave 1 plans. This update will be launched between April and September 2023 and includes dozens of new features and enhancements. The update demonstrates Microsoft’s continued investment in digital transformation to support customers and partners. The release wave 1 builds on Microsoft’s commitment to breaking down silos between data, insights, and people and creating applications and experiences that add value to ...
11 min read
Що таке CRM і як отримати максимум від впровадження системи? 2
What is CRM and how to get the most out of the system implementation?
What is CRM? Which CRM system is better to choose? What will my business get as a result of implementation and how to make this process as efficient as possible? These are just some of the questions businesses face when choosing solutions to interact with customers. And given the countless number of CRM systems on the local market, this choice becomes something difficult and exhausting. Understanding your pain, we have collected all the most useful ...
2 min read
What’s new in SMART Customer Care?
We continue to improve our SMART CRM platform and add new features based on customer requests. Today we are sharing the latest updates in SMART Customer Care. This is one of our CRM solutions designed to register and handle customer requests. List of the latest updates Knowledge Base Thanks to the articles added to the knowledge base, operators will be able to resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently. The feature also implies a convenient ...
8 min read
SMART CRM: a comprehensive solution for sales in the B2B, B2C and service segments
Customers are the most valuable asset of a company. This may seem obvious. However, at a time of important change, truth needs to be reminded. Over several decades, we have moved from face-to-face commerce to the global business market of the 21st century that we can see now. Most processes have changed, but one thing remains unshakable: the importance of customers. The process of high-quality interaction with customers requires constant optimization and search for new solutions. This is where ...
3 min read
SMART Connector for Binotel: Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Binotel virtual telephony
To optimize and effectively manage business processes related to sales, companies are increasingly using CRM in conjunction with virtual telephony. The use of a single information platform makes it possible to not only call a customer straight from the opportunity card in the system, record the conversation and listen to it, but also obtain detailed statistics on calls: the start and end time of the conversation, number of calls and their duration, all incoming, outgoing, ...
1 min read
Iryna Bekesh
IT Business Solutions Manager
Building a digital ecosystem for effective work with partners
JTI Ukraine is one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products in Ukraine. It is part of the Japan Tobacco International group of companies (headquartered in Geneva), the international tobacco business of the Japan Tobacco group of companies (headquartered in Tokyo). JTI Ukraine manufactures products for both Ukrainian and foreign markets. The most famous brands are Winston, Camel, Glamour, Sobranie, LD, Richmond, Monte Carlo and Winchester. Since 2013, JTI has been using a partnership program ...