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We help to bring the light by optimizing important processes. Implementation of SMART Sales for DTEK


The largest private national investor. The company invests in the development of the Ukrainian energy industry: introduces innovative technologies and builds new capacities, develops new business areas and modernizes production.

  • Industry: Energy sector
  • Employees: 60 000+
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Website: dtek.com
Software and services SMART Sales

DTEK needs no introduction, because all of Ukraine feels the result of the titanic work of its specialists every day. Some of them are brave enough to repair energy facilities in the hottest spots, while others work hard to make this process as fast and efficient as possible. One of the results of such work is the DOPOMOHA (Eng. ‘HELP’) project. Its goal is to find and convince foreign colleagues to become donors to the energy system of Ukraine, as well as to draw the attention of foreign organizations to the topic of critical damage to the energy system as a result of the war.

Looking for ways to optimize the DOPOMOHA project, DTEK specialists learned about the SMART Sales solution, which was in fact the start of our cooperation.

More about the DOPOMOHA project

As noted above, the project involves the search for donors capable of providing equipment to solve the country’s energy problems. And given the difference between the Ukrainian energy system and, for example, the European one, the search for such specific equipment is quite problematic. The first task is expert market monitoring and proper communication with potential owners of such equipment. The second is to build all this into a clear process, making it as fast and efficient as possible.

The DTEK team communicates with financial institutions, governments of partner countries and manufacturers of power equipment in two areas: the allocation of funding for the purchase of equipment and its manufacture in the shortest possible time. It’s important to understand here that the manufacture of some equipment can take a year or even more.

“All donors require prioritization of the recovery projects and clear processes for equipment provision, distribution, and use for its intended purpose. Therefore, transparent anti-corruption mechanisms for working with humanitarian/technical assistance should be created, which in turn will help establish trust in equipment recipients and get further assistance from partners”.

Oleksii Povolotskyi
Director for Corporate Governance and Compliance, DTEK

Process optimization with SMART Sales

The status, information and details of interaction with potential equipment donors were initially recorded in separate Excel tabs. It was inconvenient and chaotic, so the process needed to be systematized. And since interaction with donors inherently resembled a classic sales process, the SMART Sales solution was perfect for this task. Its main goal was to create a single, convenient and understandable environment for all project team members.

“After implementing the solution, the process of interaction with clients, and in our case with donors, became streamlined and understandable. An important role in this was played by the presence of a ready-made business cycle in the system, that is, now we can clearly see at what stage each specific agreement is.

If we talk about efficiency, with SMART Sales, processes have accelerated at least 4 times, and the risk of losing a client (donor) has significantly decreased”.

Oleksii Vyhodskyi
Head of Informational Systems and Technologies, DTEK

B2B sales cycle visualization in SMART Sales

Subsequently, the project for the implementation of SMART Sales expanded by setting up analytics and reporting, which are already included in the solution. This makes it possible to build dashboards, see the overall situation of agreements and evaluate the work of managers.

“We are pleased that features such as business processes for interacting with partners, built-in analytics, and even the ability to work on-premises without access to the cloud were useful to our customer”.

Denys Shevchuk
Business Development Manager, SMART business

About our cooperation and importance of the DOPOMOHA project

Thanks to the maximum involvement of both teams, SMART Sales was launched as quickly as possible, taking only 2 weeks. Realizing the full significance of the project and its ultimate goal, the system was implemented for free, using SMART business’ and DTEK’s resources.

“Our company has long been focused on creating ready solutions with ready business scenarios in various industries. Thanks to this, customer companies or their individual directions for which out-of-box solutions are suitable can quickly get the ready functionality and benefit from using it. In times of war, when changes occur every day, the speed of implementation, as well as the speed of decision making, is the key requirement and advantage. Therefore, we are happy that we could help DTEK in a project that is so important for the country”.

Natalya Onyshchuk
СЕО, SMART business

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