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Speed up cross-channel request processing with SMART Chat

Unsatisfactory time of response to client requests​
Instant notification of the operator about a new case through a push notification​
Lack of a clear sequence for processing requests from clients​
Determining client’s priority in the queue depending on the waiting time​
Low request processing speed​
Possibility of parallel processing by the operator of several calls at the same time​
Maintaining communication with clients in disparate channels​
Processing of cases from different channels in the "Single Window", without switching between systems
Lack of consolidated information and history of communication with the client​
Viewing the history of interaction with the client for all operators who communicated with them​
The need to analyze saved dialogues and identify weak points in communication at each stage of the funnel
Tracking the entire customer journey from the first contact and navigating to key events

Use ready-made or create your own communication scenarios for

Processing sales orders
Increase your sales with convenient and fast order processing. Notify customers when order status changes.
Customer support (questions, complaints, warranty service)​
Process each request easily and quickly in a single window of the system. Improve the quality of service support for any questions, complaints or warranty cases.
Communication with vendors and partners
Reduce time for routine processes of communication and document exchange (invoicing, acts and related documentation). Save the history of interaction and file sharing in the contact card.
Internal requests of employees
Provide qualified support to your colleagues. Record and forward requests to the relevant departments or employees.
Functional capabilities


A solution that will allow you to communicate with customers, partners and employees using familiar messengers. Build sustainable relationships with customers by bringing all messengers in a single window
Combines chats in one window
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Viber
History of communication
  • Saves every conversation with the operator directly in the customer card
  • Provides the ability to view the full history of communication for each channel by filtering by time period and the operator who conducted the conversation
  • Integrates data in Dynamics 365 or Power Apps model-driven apps to create personalized experiences
Improved interaction
  • Optimizes each subsequent interaction with the customer due to the accumulation of communication history directly in the customer card
  • Uses quick responses from a pre-built library
  • Provides the ability to flexibly configure the list of objects available for connecting to a conversation
  • Setting up file and image sharing with a customer
  • Helps the manager to conduct targeted, individualized communication for the purpose of additional sales
  • Expands the possibilities of contact through a channel of interaction convenient for the customer
  • Accumulates and stores information about the preferences and needs of customers, updates contact information

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