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SMART Connector for Binotel: Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Binotel virtual telephony

To optimize and effectively manage business processes related to sales, companies are increasingly using CRM in conjunction with virtual telephony. The use of a single information platform makes it possible to not only call a customer straight from the opportunity card in the system, record the conversation and listen to it, but also obtain detailed statistics on calls: the start and end time of the conversation, number of calls and their duration, all incoming, outgoing, new, unique and missed calls.

How is such a symbiosis implemented from the technical standpoint? Using the example of our clients, we see that most of them face difficulties in correctly connecting and sending data between virtual telephony and CRM. To solve this problem, SMART business specialists have developed a connector that makes it easy to implement system integration and set up all the necessary processes.

SMART Connector for Binotel is a ready solution that makes it possible to connect and configure Dynamics 365 and virtual telephony in just 10 minutes, on your own. Our integration allows you to automate the process of receiving calls and record the history of interaction with customers in CRM, regardless of the industry and the number of company employees.

What telephone capabilities does our integration with Dynamics 365 provide?

  • Automatic customer identification taking into account the implementation of various scenarios.
    • For example:
    • – no customer with this phone number found;
    • – more than one customer with this phone number found;
    • – customer fully identified.
  • Quick creation of a contact card during an incoming call if the customer is calling for the first time.
  • Viewing all information on the identified customer directly in the call card.
  • Using smart forwarding to another operator.
  • Recording and processing of all missed calls.
  • Notifying an operator about the call even when the browser is minimized.
  • Collection and analysis of call results.
  • Independent identification and configuration of a “parent” card to make a call in one click.
  • Listening to the entire conversation history of the customer in the Timeline.
  • Getting back to call playback straight in Dynamics 365 interface using automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls.

Benefits of SMART Connector for Binotel:

How is Binotel connected to Dynamics 365?

Now you do not need to involve programmers to connect Binotel to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the installation of connector takes no more than 10 minutes.

How much does it cost to connect and use SMART Connector for Binotel?

Monthly payment for use in one Dynamics 365 environment, with no limit on the number of operators, is $150.

The monthly Azure computational resources cost for hosting integration components (minimum to handle up to 1,500 calls per day) is $88.
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