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SMART Connector for Infobip: regular release of the SMART CRM platform

Successfully built communication allows companies to maintain existing and attract new customers. We continue to expand the functionality of the SMART CRM platform and connect current services and channels for effective interaction with customers throughout the entire life cycle. Today we are talking about updates in the line of SMART CRM connectors, a comprehensive platform for sales in the B2B, B2C segments and after-sales service.

We are pleased to announce the next release of the SMART CRM platform, the key update of which was the creation of SMART Connector for Infobip.

SMART Connector for Infobip is a turnkey solution for the Infobip API provider, which provides the ability to configure and send mass and trigger mailings via SMS/Viber channels with analytics on the status and results of mass mailings in SMART CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM systems.

About Infobip:

Infobip is a cloud-based business communication platform that automates communication with customers across different communication channels. Infobip allows you to conduct personalized marketing campaigns, work with user data in real time and create an infrastructure for a customer service or contact center. In 14 years in the industry, Infobip has opened 65+ offices on six continents, developed its own platform with the ability to deliver messages to 7 billion consumer and industrial devices connected to more than 800 mobile operators in more than 190 countries.

What customer interaction options does SMART Connector for Infobip provide?

  • Setting up and planning mass SMS and Viber messaging campaigns with SMART CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Image file management to generate Viber messages
  • Setting up personal templates for SMS and Viber messages
  • Previewing messages on your mobile device
  • Formation of the target audience for mass information mailings
  • Setting up the sending of trigger personal messages about the event
  • Sending individual messages from a contact card
  • Analysis of mailing results on Analytical dashboards

Why choose SMART Connector for Infobip?

  • Clear integration documentation
  • Easy initial setup
  • Fast connector deployment
  • Support and expansion of connector functionality

How to connect SMART Connector for Infobip?

The whole connection process is divided into several stages:

  1. Registering a user in Infobip and making all the necessary settings
  2. Authorization in SMART CRM/Microsoft Dynamics 365
  3. Installing and configuring integration components
  4. Setting up system security – granting access to a manager or work group
  5. Start of the connector’s operation

How much does it cost to connect and use the connector?

The monthly fee for use in one Microsoft Power Apps/Dynamics 365 environment with no limit on the number of managers is $100. Azure components are billed based on consumption.

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