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Reasons why companies look for a Data Export Service replacement

End of official support for Microsoft Data Export Service*

Cost of alternative solution on Azure Synapse Analytics

The need to change the architecture of current solutions

Migration of accumulated large volumes of data

*Microsoft announced the end of support for the Data Export Service in November 2022. Full text of the announcement

You need the solution if:

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You have used DES before and are now looking for a replacement
Your business needs to sync data from Dataverse to SQL Database
You have tight deadlines for implementing and migrating data
You work with volumes of data from... to…TB

Implement quickly, simply and without critical restrictions

Requires no architecture changes

when migrating from Microsoft's DES

Fast implementation

and affordable solution cost

Replicate any amount of data

from Microsoft Dataverse to SQL Database

High speed data replication

across Dataverse

Ability to adjust the frequency

of updating data in the source

Keeping data up-to-date

with the lowest possible delay

Manage data according to your business goals

Set up your own data replication model, choosing only the tables and fields you need, the data from which you need to synchronize in SQL Database. The necessary structures in the database are created automatically
Manage data synchronization profiles: the ability to set up several different profiles that can replicate data to different databases
Manage and customize data synchronization according to business requirements: Enable/Disable Sync Profile allows you to manage the overall sync status
Set up the frequency of data replication from Dataverse to SQL Database separately for each synchronization profile

Change solutions without changing the usual business processes

SMART Data Export for Dataverse leverages the flexibility and scalability of the Azure infrastructure to strike a balance between performance and cost. The solution allows you to process a large amount of data from the source, as well as have a convenient interface for setting up data export profiles, including settings for synchronization frequency and data model.

Zero Preparation Migration Process

Implementing SMART Data Export for Dataverse does not require much preparation.

Implementation scenarios take into account several options:

  • solution implementation for those who previously used DES from Microsoft
  • implementation for new users who are just starting to develop their system products that require data export from Dataverse.

In both scenarios, SQL Database configuration remains on the client side.

If you have already used Microsoft’s DES, then the previous SQL Database can also be used for SMART Data Export for Dataverse, since the operation principle remains identical.

On startup, the update delta will be matched.


SMART Data Export for Dataverse

Data Export Service (DES)

Ability to replicate data from Microsoft Dataverse to Azure SQL Storage in a customer's Microsoft Azure subscription

SMART Data Export  for Dataverse

Ensuring primary synchronization of all necessary data with continuous copying of delta changes at a rate of more than 5000 records per minute

SMART Data Export for Dataverse is designed with a familiar user interface and the functionality you need to meet your current needs.

Microsoft has announced that they are deprecating the Data Export Service (DES) add-on for Dynamics 365. A service that provided the ability to replicate data from Microsoft Dataverse to Azure SQL Database storage in a customer’s Microsoft Azure subscription.

Use the experience of colleagues and experts to choose wisely

How to prepare for migration to SMART Data Export for Dataverse?

Migration to SMART Data Export for Dataverse does not require significant preparation, since the principle of operation remains identical to that used in Microsoft's DES.

How is data exported?

The data is exported according to the configured schedule. Only the delta of updated data is synchronized.

With what amount of data update in the source can SMART Data Export for Dataverse be used (from/to)? What is the correlation in implementation time for companies with different amounts of data?

SMART Data Export for Dataverse is capable of exporting up to 5,000,000 data updates per day. The amount of data does not affect the solution implementation time.

Is there a need to change the architecture when migrating to SMART Data Export for Dataverse? 

When migrating from Microsoft's DES to SMART Data Export for Dataverse, there is no need to change the architecture, since the solution operation is based on the same principle as Microsoft's DES.

Will the data be displayed in the same way or will something change?

Exporting data via SMART Data Export for Dataverse does not affect the principle of storing them in SQL DB, therefore nothing will change regarding SQL DB.

What is SMART Data Export for Dataverse built on? How is the solution implemented?

SMART Data Export for Dataverse uses only Azure resources. Almost all deployment and configuration work takes place in Azure.

How to check the status of data replication? What statistics can the user see?

The replication status is currently available in Azure App Insights, but we are constantly working on improving our solutions and have already planned to add statistics to the portal where the replication profile is configured.

Do I need to re-sync all data after implementing SMART Data Export for Dataverse?

At the beginning of the work, we will start replication at the point where DES from Microsoft left off.

How long does it take for data to get from Dataverse to SQL DB?

In SMART Data Export for Dataverse, you can configure the synchronization start schedule yourself. The data replication speed is 5000 updates per minute.


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