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How Dynamics 365 Marketing and Azure help doctors share knowledge and hands-on experience


YURiA-PHARM is specialized international pharmaceutical company. With 15 new drugs released annually, it is one of the most fast-developing pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.

  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals
  • Employees: 60 000+
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Website: uf.ua
Software and services Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

2020 has shown how important healthcare workers are to our society. Our lives literally depend on their knowledge, competencies and commitment to people.

The world faced with a global problem: a new strain of the virus, the course of the disease is severe, the probability of death in older people is high, and there are no treatment protocols. But there was also a smaller problem: doctors simply could not get together to discuss the best ways to fight for people’s lives.

More about the project

YURiA-PHARM, a pharmaceutical company which had been organizing Medical Congresses since 2008, turned to SMART business with a question: how to help the medical community and make it possible for them to come together and discuss the problem of COVID-19?

Fortunately, as soon as Dynamics 365 Marketing appeared in the market, SMART business immediately appreciated its potential and started working with this service. And therefore, in 2020, we could confidently recommend the solution for holding a Medical Congress online.

Usually the event took place offline and brought together from 3 to 4 thousand doctors. The organizers expected that there would be twice or three times more visitors online, but what a surprise it was when 10 times more participants registered for the Medical Congress as compared to the previous time!

30 thousand participants, 110 speakers from 20 countries of the world and only 26 people who provided technical support of the event and monitored the quality of video streams.

Doctors, scientists and nurses from millionaire cities or small villages, from public or private hospitals, with dozens of years of experience or just a completed internship got the opportunity to connect to the Medical Congress from their smartphones for free and share successful COVID-19 treatment practices with each other.

Digital issues of online congress

The organizers realized that uniting people from different countries in smartphones is a task of increased complexity, so an ecosystem of 5 products and services was created for technical implementation.

The technical solution that was used for the infusion therapy congress

The core of the technical solution is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing platform. Since all channels of communication with the event participants are collected here, management is quick and convenient, and the entry threshold for new employees is lower.

In Dynamics 365 Marketing, organizers can:

  • Collect a consolidated base of participants.
  • Manage all event content.
  • Administer a chat bot.
  • Collect and analyze statistics on each advertising channel.
  • Instantly make changes to the course of the event (emergency messages, speaker replacement, etc.).

The solution for the medical congress also involved the use of the following:

Vimeo webinar platform that covered all the connectivity needs for so many people.

GMS Messaging Service. As during the event preparation, it turned out that medical workers are not active users of mailboxes, SMART business specialists had to quickly launch an additional communication channel using sms and Viber.

The personal cabinet of a congress participant was deployed on Azure App Service.

On the web portal, visitors could:

  • View information about speakers and reports.
  • Draw up a personal plan for attending the reports.
  • Take part in draws and quizzes.
  • Ask a question to the speaker or discuss materials with other congress participants.
  • Receive a conference completion certificate with their names, surnames and a wet seal.
  • View report records within 2 weeks after the end of the congress.

Interface of participant’s personal cabinet

Also, a chatbot was deployed on Azure App Service, the conversion to event participants from which was more than 90%.

When organizing and holding the congress, Azure SQL Database was used as an intermediate storage for data that was supposed to eventually get into Dynamics 365 Marketing. This additional link was necessary because there were risks that the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform would not withstand peak loads of up to 30 thousand congress participants. As a result, two-way synchronization was set up between the database and Dynamics 365.

About the social component

The Congress is a demonstration of how technology is helping to spread knowledge. Medical professionals from different countries were able to share their experiences with each other using a platform that was simple enough to understand.

At the end of the event, each medical professional who had viewed a sufficient number of reports could download the participant certificate. In the future, this will give then an opportunity to contact a relevant state authority and improve their qualifications.

We managed to create a platform for communication between doctors and scientists from Ukraine and the world who were ready to share applied discoveries in the treatment of COVID-19. The main thing is that we made the process as convenient and accessible as possible for every practicing doctor. Medical workers from the following countries of the world listened to 145 reports: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. The materials of the Medical Congress have become a teaching aid for all interested persons and have been uploaded to be accessed for free.

Yuriy Markevych
CRM Director of YURiA-PHARM

Organizing an event of this scale is a complex task. The goal of SMART business employees was not only to take care of the technical implementation of the congress, but also to teach YURiA-PHARM employees to independently manage all processes. Thanks to the intuitive interface of Dynamics 365 Marketing, there were no problems or inconveniences either during the preparation or during the event itself. Moderators could make dynamic changes right in the middle of the event, and Medical Congress participants instantly responded to questions or suggestions using their smartphones. The impression was that all 30 thousand people freely communicate in one room.

Natalya Onyshchuk
Managing Partner of SMART business

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