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What’s new in SMART Customer Care?

We continue to improve our SMART CRM platform and add new features based on customer requests. Today we are sharing the latest updates in SMART Customer Care. This is one of our CRM solutions designed to register and handle customer requests.

List of the latest updates

  • Knowledge Base

Thanks to the articles added to the knowledge base, operators will be able to resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently. The feature also implies a convenient search for articles by keywords and their display on the request card, which allows you to get additional information at the time of handling the request. If necessary, the operator can email the article from the knowledge base to the customer


  • SLA execution control

Using the capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate, the solution calculates the time to process each stage of a customer request in accordance with the Service Level Agreement and controls its implementation. The control feature involves analyzing the time spent at each stage, as well as sending push notifications about the deadline for processing the request.


To be continued…

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