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Ecosoft together with SMART business takes its own approach to the implementation and scaling of information systems

Ecosoft is an international manufacturer of equipment and technologies for water purification and treatment in Ukraine. Over 30 years of operation, the company has become a market leader.

Since 2015, Ecosoft has shown annual growth of 20-25%. This growth not only promotes intensive development, but also increases the burden on staff and information systems. In 2013–2014, the issue of automation became acute: it was necessary to expand production and warehouse facilities. Another challenge for planning and interaction between production and sales was management of the assortment matrix of the company: the out-of-stock situations were regular. The lack of a modern information system made it impossible to effectively manage a growing business. This became a signal for the search and implementation of an ERP system for resource planning and production, automation, and integration of many business processes.

At the same time, the expansion of the distribution system made it necessary to implement a CRM system to automate work with clients, optimize marketing and sales, provide services and technical support.

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