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Connect the necessary applications,

messengers and services so as not to miss a single customer request
Key Features

A simple solution for progressive companies

Builder of required tools
in 1-3 weeks
Quick migration from russian systems
GDPR and CCPA compliant
Integration with modern services and providers
Ready documentation and training

Why you need SMART CRM

Solving business tasks in real time

Track and analyze key metrics to make quick decisions


Ready out-of-box

Use customized services and integrations without spending time on customization and localization


Powerful Microsoft Cloud capabilities

Take full advantage of Microsoft technologies to work effectively with data

  • A single system for storing information about customers and interacting with them for all business units, the ability to store documents and other types of files
  • Up-to-date information for timely receipt of analytics and insights by managers and leaders
  • Tools for monitoring indicators and results of achieving business goals
  • Faster internal communications
  • Standardization of business processes based on ready-made B2B, B2C and service templates
  • The ability to store company “knowledge” without the risk of losing it
  • Connecting to popular business applications and services
  • Deployment in 1-3 weeks (depending on the number of components selected), including user training
  • Variety of connectors and modules extending the functionality
  • Ready mobile applications
  • Regular updates and enhancements for the out-of-box version – every 3-4 months
  • Business analysts and administrators can make changes to solutions and continue to receive updates along with new versions
  • Ready-made security roles for different types of users
  • Using one of the world’s best Low-code / No-code platforms – Microsoft Power Platform – which has proven best in Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications
  • Microsoft/Office 365 integration for email, instant messaging, teamwork, and file storage up to 1TB (Exchange/Outlook, Teams, SharePoint)
  • Automatic data backup
  • Access of employees from any place with the Internet connection through a browser or mobile application
  • Modern security and data protection standards, two-factor user authentication
  • Zero investment in server hardware and licenses
  • Quick connection of new users
  • Multilingual interface


contains 3 solutions, as well as connectors and additional modules that can be installed separately or added to each other
Solution for automating the B2B sales process from the appearance of a potential customer to concluding a contract
Close deals faster by concentrating your entire team's work in a single platform. Use a ready-made business process, optimizing every indicator of the sales cycle
Customer base management
B2B sales management
Address management
Communications management
Product management
Single workplace for a manager and supervisor with analytics and reporting
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SMART Customer Care
Solution for registration and processing of service requests from customers
Simplify the process of providing service and support and build customer loyalty. Manage all cases in real time from a single window
Customer base management
Service delivery management
SMART Chat (additional module)
Communications management
Multiple channels (due to additional connectors)
Single workplace of operator and supervisor with analytics and reporting
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SMART Order Management
Solution for registering and processing orders in B2C sales
Improve your customer experience by managing the entire ordering process from inquiry to receipt of the items by the customer. Automate distribution, processing, and execution of requests, thus reducing the waiting time for customers
Customer base management
Communications management
Sales management
Product catalog management
Address management
Single workplace of operator and supervisor with analytics and reporting
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All necessary sales tools in one system

Leverage modern applications, services and channels to effectively interact with the customer throughout the entire life cycle

SMART Connector for Binotel
API connector for Binotel that provides the ability to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls from SMART CRM
SMART Connector for eSputnik
API connector for eSputnik, which provides the ability to configure and send mass and trigger e-mailings through eSputnik with subsequent analytics on statuses and results of mass mailings
SMART Connector for GMS
API connector for GMS Ukraine, which provides the ability to configure and send mass and trigger SMS/Viber mailings with subsequent analytics on statuses and results of mass mailings
SMART Connector for PayPal
API connector for PayPal, which provides the ability to create a PayPal invoice for the customer to pay while the order is being processed and synchronize payment statuses
SMART Connector for Nova Poshta
API connector for Nova Poshta that provides the ability to create a waybill for sending to a branch or address during order processing in CRM, with subsequent synchronization of the sending status. When processing an order, the created waybill can be printed, canceled with the indication, or deleted
SMART Connector for Ukrposhta
API connector for Ukrposhta that provides the ability to create a waybill for sending to a branch or address during order processing in CRM, with subsequent synchronization of the sending status. When processing an order, the created waybill can be printed, canceled with indication of a reason, or deleted
SMART Connector for Infobip
API connector for the Infobip, which provides the ability to configure and send mass and trigger SMS/Viber mailings with subsequent analytics on statuses and results of mass mailings

Expanding platform's capabilities

  • SMART Chat
  • SMART Easy Bot
A solution that allows, within a single platform, to build clear communication with customers, partners and employees using familiar messengers
Combines Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram (coming in the new version) chats in one window
Integrates communication history in Dynamics 365 or Power Apps model-driven apps to create a personal experience
Optimizes each subsequent interaction with the customer
Can be a tool for building targeted, personalized communication for the purpose of additional sales.
SMART Easy Bot
A solution with a user-friendly interface for easy and comfortable management of Viber and Telegram chatbots
Ability to add custom buttons: text only, text + link, data output from your CRM system, data output from your CRM system with subsequent conversion to barcodes or QR codes
Ability to send messages to all active subscribers of your chatbot
Using a chatbot as a source of incoming communication and receiving feedback from your audience in the form of requests and files
Filling the database of contacts using the registration function when using the bot for the first time
Generation of individual texts for a specific user directly from your CRM
Converting customized texts from your CRM to barcode or QR code
A single administration center with an intuitive and user-friendly interface right in your CRM system

Customer stories

“After the solution implementation, the process of interaction with clients, and in our case with donors, became streamlined and understandable. An important role in this was played by the presence of a ready-made business cycle in the system, that is, now we can clearly see at what stage each specific agreement is. If we talk about efficiency, then with the advent of SMART Sales, processes have accelerated at least 4 times, and the risk of losing a client (donor) has significantly decreased.”
Oleksii Vyhodskyi
Head of Information Systems Development Department in DTEK
“Despite a number of integrations, the entire work process for the employee, and most importantly, for the client, is as simple and clear as possible. Employees work in a single window. They do not need to fill in the same information in multiple systems. Data is not lost or duplicated. For example, a transaction has occurred in the ERP system. Information about this instantly appears in CRM. And after 30 seconds, the client can receive up-to-date information on the number of booked classes by phone or in a Telegram bot. Thanks to a carefully thought-out solution architecture, we can guarantee our clients a high level of service."
Anastasiia Nosulenko
Head of Reconstruction Project
"The first result of the work is the CRM knowledge base, in which each operator can find the necessary information upon request. Secondly, it's the statistics that the system gives us: we can calculate the effectiveness of each employee and communication channel. Thirdly, an individual approach to clients, seeing their personal priorities: recent flights or what kind of food he or she orders most often on board. The contact center can show the business those points where clients cannot interact with the company by themselves. They need to additionally contact us for clarification."
Kyrylo Tkachenko
Head of Contact Center in UIA
“We managed to create a platform for communication between doctors and scientists from Ukraine and the world who are ready to share applied discoveries in the treatment of COVID-19. The main thing is that we made the process as convenient and accessible as possible for every practicing doctor. 145 reports were listened to by healthcare workers from such countries of the world as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. The materials of the Medical Congress have become a teaching aid for all interested persons and have been made freely available.”
Yurii Markevych
Director of Customer Relationship Management in YURiA-PHARM
“Together with SMART business, we have created a digital ecosystem centered on Microsoft Dynamics 365, to which other elements are connected, such as mobile applications, a website, corporate CRM. Digitalization has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of non-intellectual routine work. As of 2021, the need for manual work decreased by almost 20 times."
Iryna Bekesh
IT Business Solutions Manager in JTI Ukraine

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  • SMART Connectors
  • SMART Modules

Articles and materials

4 min read MEDIA
SMART solution as an alternative to unreliable russian software
The lion’s share of Ukrainian companies continues to use unreliable russian systems to automate business processes. In the second year of the war, some popular CRM systems, accounting systems, email marketing services, antiviruses still serve a significant number of Ukrainian enterprises. In early May, the business was stirred up by the news about the final cessation of Bitrix24 in our country. On June 1, 2023, the russian service finally ceased its work in Ukraine, and ...
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SMART Connector for Infobip: regular release of the SMART CRM platform
Successfully built communication allows companies to maintain existing and attract new customers. We continue to expand the functionality of the SMART CRM platform and connect current services and channels for effective interaction with customers throughout the entire life cycle. Today we are talking about updates in the line of SMART CRM connectors, a comprehensive platform for sales in the B2B, B2C segments and after-sales service. We are pleased to announce the next release of the ...
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Oleksii Vyhodskyi
Head of Informational Systems and Technologies, DTEK
We help to bring the light by optimizing important processes. Implementation of SMART Sales for DTEK
DTEK needs no introduction, because all of Ukraine feels the result of the titanic work of its specialists every day. Some of them are brave enough to repair energy facilities in the hottest spots, while others work hard to make this process as fast and efficient as possible. One of the results of such work is the DOPOMOHA (Eng. ‘HELP’) project. Its goal is to find and convince foreign colleagues to become donors to the ...